Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I just spent the last three weeks in Kauai, and in doing so, I realized that if you want to do things in life, you have to just go and do them.

It started out as an experiment of sorts.  I was out of my 9-6 full-time job for months already, and had passed up offers at other companies so that I could "do all the things I'd wanted to do."  Yet I was still lingering around San Francisco wishing I could really get out and do some traveling.  Meanwhile, my boyfriend fiance was celebrating his law firm's one-year anniversary, and was ready for a little R&R in a tropical place.

We both love our jobs, though, and neither of us could afford to take time off work.  Solution: book a trip to Kauai for three weeks, find a beautiful place to live, and split working in the morning with vacationing in the afternoon.

Get this, it worked.  Few people really missed us, no meetings were un-reschedulable, and, magically, we both figured out some pretty great ways to optimize what we were doing.  Not to mention, what a beautiful place, I'm so glad I got to spend some time traveling and living somewhere else for a bit.

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