Sunday, November 28, 2010

Living Intuitively

Over the last two years living back in the US I've learned [at least] one great lesson. That is, following one's own intuition is paramount. I moved back for that reason, but jumped into a job too early, afraid of the recession and my own inability to find a job that I was truly interested in. This was an inauthentic move, and while I made the best of what I had chosen, learned everything about a fascinating budding industry, and met a ton of amazing people, it was not an ideal situation.

Now, being outside of that job, I'm able to live just as I had originally wanted. And perhaps even moreso. I pursue projects on a freelance basis with startups that I believe will have a positive influence on the world. I do sales, marketing, and business development work, as these are the three things that I most enjoy doing. I meet even more amazing people all of the time by doing this, and work together with them on these interesting, innovative projects.

Also, I take all the yoga and pilates classes I'd ever wanted. Cook the dishes I'd been meaning to make for dinner for years. I have a clean house. I've started really running again. I spend tons of quality time with friends, family, and my boyfriend. I can finally plan trips I've always wanted to take. And, as a bonus, I took the GMAT and finally got the score I'd always wanted! Maybe business school is in the cards someday...

In the end, I think I'm busier than I ever have been, happier than I have been in long while, and am doing the best work of my life. And though I sound like a 1-900 number, I really recommend this lifestyle to anyone who feels stuck, just trust your intuition and go with it.

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