Monday, June 28, 2010

Tel Aviv Boardwalk

On vacation with my family in Tel Aviv, I decided to take a morning jog to work out the jetlag. It's the third time I've been to Israel in the past 12 months, and like always, it's just wonderful enough that I wish I could stay. Reality bites.

Anyway, the Tel Aviv boardwalk is really a fantastic place to run if you don't want to deal with traffic, are looking for great views throughout your walk/run, and want to know exactly how far you've gone. It's 5k in length and has mile markers randomly placed throughout - keep your eyes peeled, they're hard to find. It snakes along the Mediterranean coast all the way from downtown, past grand hotels and beachside cafes to the old town of Jaffa at the southermost point of the city.

I have to admit that at 9:30am, it's already too late to run. I think I had a mini heatstroke, and now at 11:50am, I'm still beet red and nauseated. Was it the heat? the sun? the jetlag? Probably all three. Word to the wise, take it easy your first day in a new time zone, and if you're not used to sun and heat, same goes. Combining the two is pretty darn painful.

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