Sunday, December 14, 2008

Noah's Poem

Just before I left China, a dear friend of mine sent me a poem he had written for me months back. I think it’s really special and wonderful, so I thought I’d put it up. Also, I have a reason for this being up now, all to be further expounded in my next post.

Title: I spell my name funny and different she said

Another cancelled meeting pas'd the sail,
All the long winter she had endured grounded.
Truth and stars mix'd, to no avail,
And then the thunderclap resounded, not unfounded,
On this crowded third electric rail.
Thoughts are lost and found, both up and down,
Circumstances ail, as their times all come rebounded, for the world to see.
Yet we will not break away from memory, time spent sitting in the sun,
Reading empty pages, trading all those deeds undone.
And the days become as rain ephemeral and cold,
Endless dripping from the heavens, wishing neither hot nor bold.
Kerin dreams of music and song and wishes for a world where nothing is wrong.
And from this dream of mirrors and smoke,
Eyes fluttering, full of starlight, she slowly awoke.

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