Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reverse Culture Shock

It's a perfect Sunday in Noe Valley, San Francisco - mid-sixties, sunny, calm. We took a walk down to a popular brunch joint nearby, enjoying delicious coffee, fresh, organic food, and the thick Sunday stack of the New York Times. I ordered an omelet with egg whites please, no cheese, and sliced tomatoes instead of hash browns on the side, gently apologizing to the server for an order that I felt was ridiculous. She took it down without hesitation while my friend giggled at me for even thinking it was a strange request.

Later, while reading the newspaper, I commented that I was pleasantly surprised that the news has been so interesting lately. Friend's response, "Right, that's what happens when your news isn't censored ..."

Hey, this is San Francisco where the air is clean, vegetarian egg-white omelets are the norm, and the news is interesting. I love it!

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