Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Shanghai Morning Commute

I spend two hours total every day going to work and coming home. Sometimes I love it - a nice walk, a book to read, lots of wild and interesting things going on around me. Sometimes I hate it - overly crowded subways, rainy, sloppy streets, getting bumped into at least 20 times ... And sometimes I get lazy and take a cab. This is always a mistake - it costs 12x more, I get no walking in, I can't read for fear of carsickness, and we get stuck in such terrible traffic that it actually takes a longer time.

So here's what it looks like from above:

Well, sort of. I work so far away that no English maps even show it! Luckily this map shows my commute sans one more subway stop and another 10 minute walking jaunt.

And here's what it looks like from the ground:

1. Walking out of my apartment complex:

2. Walking toward the subway:

3. How am I supposed to get IN to the subway?

4. Blogger is taking too long to upload photos ... and I am late to work today!! Second half of the commute photos will be up tonight :)

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